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With nearly two decades of experience in the music industry, it’s a wonder Marlon Campbell is still hungry. He has taken his hefty appetite and crossed over to the big screens with a quest to take Hollywood by storm. Campbell, a native of New Orleans, grew up in the same household as his ultra famous playwright cousin, Tyler Perry, and Campbell’s mother is characterized throughout Perry's plays.  In 2008, the cousins were featured on the popular celebrity gossip TV show TMZ due to a misunderstanding between Campbell and Perry; however, the conflict was portrayed as far more dramatic than it was in reality.  In the wake of the death of Perry's mother, the cousins were able to move beyond their differences and renew their relationship.

Marlon, aka “Shy,” got his start in the music industry back in the late 80’s, along with his trendsetting band Shy Shy & The C.R.I.M.E which garnered world notoriety.  Recognized as the pacesetters by record company executives and artists, they exploded on the scene in the Southeast region of the United States before going cross country.  Their immense success in New Orleans opened doors that are still closed to many in the industry today.  One of those doors was the opportunity to perform and collaborate with the EmotionsCappadonna of Wu Tang ClanNirvanaDJ Easy RockLL Cool J, and Quincy Jones.   In 1989, Campbell tried out his acting chops by playing the character “Dwight” on the NBC After School Special, Crack.  Campbell furthered his cross over into acting as he made his debut in the live stage play for William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

In the late 90s, Campbell’s business savoir-faire took him to another level as he worked behind the scenes under the moniker “M,” performing with and consulting for acts such as Richard MarxJagged EdgeTimmy TDJ Hurricane of The Beastie Boys, and newcomer Lauren Lake.  Not long after, Campbell took on the role of President and CEO of 404 Gaming, a MMOG (Multi-Player Online Game) Company that he shared with other influential names in the biz such as DJ PoohDJ HurricaneAD Rock, and Flava Flav.  Even though Campbell was successful in his professional endeavors, there was a huge creative void.  “I always knew I would end up working in the movie industry and for years it was constantly tugging away at my heart.  A little voice in my head kept telling me I had to make a transition from music to film. I knew it was time for me to go ahead and write my first script for theatrical release, said Campbell. 

Campbell's first transition to film was a project  to executive produce the reality show titled “Blaque In The House,” which featured R&B artists T-Boz from the amazing group TLC, along with platinum-selling trio BLAQUE. The reality had a host of cameo appearances from artists like Snoop DoggDaBrat, Akon, and Kurupt... just to name a few.  

Campbell's latest project is a new sitcom production entiltled Momma and Me, which stars Bern Nadette Stanis (Thelma of 70s sitcom Good Times).  The show promises to deliver a new slant to the traditional family sitcom.  Momma & Me is loosely based on the lives and times of a real mother and son known to writer and executive producer, Marlon Campbell. Momma & Me depicts the unique relationship of a mother and son - a son trying to come up in the world and a meddling mother who knocks him back down every time. The show includes an ensemble cast which lends itself to a broad variety of storylines. There is the expected love and romance, camaraderie and enmity, triumphs and pitfalls, but what gives this story its unpredictable angle is the pervading influence of the dominating mother, Eva Johnson, whose pure intentions taint every prospect her son, Donnie Matthews (played by Wayne Alibey), pursues.

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